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Explaining Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork 2018

If you have a subscription to Coindesk, Coinmarketcap or newsletters, then you might already know the news about Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork. Your inbox is probably full of reminders, articles and news announcements that mention a software update of BCH.

It took place on November 15th at 16:40 pm UTC and divided th

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Blockchain and Bitcoin conference Georgia

Companies all over the world are engaging in educational events about Blockchain. Knowledge and awareness of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies is spreading all over the world. Conferences like “Blockchain futurist Conference” August 15–16, 2018, “World Blockchain Technology Forum” June 22–24, 2018 and many others are being held in 2018 to spread the awareness, share the ideas, consult each other and find inspir

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Money as a Content Type

Bitcoin has introduced a fundamental change in how money is going to be seen in the future. It made money independent from the underlying transport medium. A lot of people think that a Bitcoin transaction has to be transmitted through a Bitcoin network. That’s not true. A Bitcoin transaction has to reach miners and be included in a block of the blockchain. Bitcoin transactions can be transmitted over any form of

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Fear leads to the dark side

Well, that was rough. Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency had a tremendously difficult week. Bitcoin went from over 19 000 to just under 6 000 in just a few days. And the same happened to other cryptocurrencies. Media, as usual, went wild and wrote about `bloodbath’, `massive selloff’ and of course — `bubble bursting’. The experts were talking about Bitcoin falling even further, maybe to 0. There were a lot o

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