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Blockchain and Bitcoin conference Georgia

by Bitforx

Posted onDec 28, 2018 by Bitforx

Companies all over the world are engaging in educational events about Blockchain. Knowledge and awareness of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies is spreading all over the world. Conferences like “Blockchain futurist Conference” August 15–16, 2018, “World Blockchain Technology Forum” June 22–24, 2018 and many others are being held in 2018 to spread the awareness, share the ideas, consult each other and find inspiration through other projects. Project managers, software Engineers and Blockchain developers from all over the world are sharing their experiences, talking publicly about their innovative projects and new uses of Blockchain in Business, government, healthcare, etc.

Georgia is becoming a Crypto and Blockchain friendly country. Our new appointed Prime Minister — Mamuka Bakhtadze even announced that all taxes in Georgia except VIT will be paid using blockchain technology, so even government wants to embrace and utilize blockchain technology. Our small country has even miraculously managed to outrun the USA in Bitcoin mining and has become Eurasia’s mining epicenter. Georgia is less known when it comes to the conducting successful ICO’s, but this field is gradually developing as well. Georgia has introduced the world to several ICO projects, which are very interesting ideas, but still in the development process. Projects vary from different fields such as cryptocurrency mining, crowdfunding, financial technologies, and tokenization of art and etc.

This year, Georgia was a host to Outstanding leaders of Crypto sphere on Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference, June 20. Bitforx acted as a Gold Sponsor to this Conference and we take pride in our company for sharing our achievements and experiences with others.

The conference was visited by Blockchain entrepreneurs, consultants and law specialist from Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Armenia and the USA. The first part of the conference consisted of discussing mining options, advantages, and disadvantages of personal and cloud mining farms. First panel discussion members also discussed the process of registering a mining company in Georgia and the regulations that would follow this action.

In the second part of the conference together with the governmental representatives, there was a very interesting panel discussion about regulation of the crypto sphere in Georgia. How the sphere should be regulated and what is the need and requirement for further sustainable development. For the existing movement Government is very loyal, crypto friendly and is looking carefully at the best practice of the other leader countries.

Visitors from Germany spoke to the Audience via Skype, about the use of Blockchain in the Energy industry. They prepared a presentation of already launched and functional blockchain projects in the energy sector. We also had a pleasure to listen to other amazing speakers. For example, Denis Aleinikov from Belarus shared his experience and thoughts about How to create an effective legal framework to regulate blockchain-based business. We also had Georgian speakers who discussed this subject, and a visitor from the USA, CKR LAW LLP who spoke about US Security regulations and laws and how tokens should be legally structured, as securities or as utilities.

We had the honor to represent our Company and our projects by our Project Manager, Giorgi Avaliani. As we already mentioned, Bitforx was a Gold sponsor of this Conference. Giorgi spoke about the transformative nature of blockchain technology, its potential, the benefits, and the different ways it can be applied. Georgia has the potential to play a major role in building a more open, transparent, decentralized, fair and cohesive society, he said. He outlined the importance of this Conference for Georgian blockchain community. We had a chance to share our functional project “Bitforx — digital wallet and cloud mining services” which enables everyone to easily have access to the crypto world. We Introduced our supply chain project, Proofus as well.

“Blockchain is the solution to make the supply chain efficient, streamlined, no longer corrupt, and extremely transparent. It could save the entire economy trillions each year. The first use case for building our supply chain platform powered by blockchain is Georgian wine. Wine can be considered as our strategic, precious asset. Over the last several years, Georgian wine export has tripled. And so, it has become significantly important to tackle the counterfeiting problem and preserve the excellent reputation of Georgian wine. The utilization of blockchain can ensure consumers worldwide that they can trust and rely on Georgian wine. Wine is our first inspiration and the greater challenge is to provide transparency in the global supply chain systems” Giorgi said.

As a Person who observes the development of blockchain industry in Georgia, I can admit that Georgia has a huge momentum and potential to capture the wave of blockchain innovation. There are all necessary components in place: territorial factor — a crossroad of Europe and Asia, willingness of the government and political leadership, deregulated and efficient economic environment, feasibility for deployment large-scale mining datacenters with renewable energy from hydropower sources and possibility to attract brilliant minds and entrepreneurs and integrate them in economic life of country.

To sum up, Georgia is on its way to becoming a Blockchain-based Country. Georgians have endeavor and desire to create something new, innovative and become one of the first countries who fully harness the transformative potential of Blockchain technology.

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