About us

Bitforx’s Secure Digital Wallet and Cloud Mining Service provider enables anyone to participate in the crypto economy. We firmly believe bitcoin is the foundation for innovation, capable of reshaping our understanding of what currencies are, and how they are stored and transferred between individuals and businesses.
Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of the Bitcoin mining space and enable anyone to access mining operations to generate Bitcoin, including a secure digital wallet with a variety of exciting functions.
Currently, mining needs intensive investments and a high level of technical understanding of mining hardware deployment and maintenance. We’re changing this.
With our cloud mining service, it only takes a few simple steps to start bitcoin mining. And that with minimum investment, minimal risk, and no technical knowledge needed.
Bitforx’ expert tech team has decades of experience in developing and operating large scale data centers. As a result, they’ve been able to keep uptime at 99% since our launch. Our high standards of security, guarantees the full safety of your investment.

The Bitcoin space can be complex and unpredictable. It’s directly linked with the Bitcoin exchange rate, technological and community risks, and mining difficulties. And of course this makes it difficult to determine what exact amount you will make mining.. But it is obvious that being part of a community building such an elegant piece of disruptive technology, bound to become more stable and robust, is very exciting.
Still got questions or requests? Contact our support team on support@bitforx.com. We’re there for you...