Convenient and secure cryptocurrency wallet. Worldwide access on laptop, desktop and mobile devices. Store, send and receive your funds securely with Bitforx’s wallet.

Opening cryptocurrency mining up to anyone anywhere. Select the desired amount of hash power and generate daily revenue.

Download the Bitforx app (Android or IOS) and easily access your funds, reports, account management tools, and transaction history.


Cold and Hot Wallet

For storing your crypto funds and electronic transfers, you need a secure digital wallet. Bitforx has created cold and hot wallets allowing you to have full control and security over your assets.

Full Support

We’re committed to provide the best customer service possible. Our customer service team is ready to answer all your question and inquiries. Contact us by mail, website tickets or through social media channels.

Stability & Security

Our expert tech team has already ensured 99% uptime since launch, due to their exceptional experience in developing and operating large-scale data centers.

Buy Hashrate

Buy hashrate at any time and get your first pay-out within 24 hours. What you make with your purchased hashrate is transferred automatically to your Bitforx account balance.

Fast & Transparent Transactions

Bitforx offers transparent and fast transactions, with fixed fees, without any delay. Your digital wallet and mining service are combined in one space, allowing you full independence in allocating your funds.

Mobile App

Carefully designed and created mobile application for Android and IOS devices, to comfortably manage your funds and receive instant updates.


Hot Wallet
Cold Wallet
Cloud Mining


GH/s ( $)

Starter Package

Duration: 3 years
Hashrate: 100 GH/S
Price: N/A
Maint. Fee: N/A
* Price per 1 GH/s $ 0.13

Best Package

Duration: 3 years
Hashrate: 3000 GH/S
Price: N/A
Maint. Fee: N/A
* Price per 1 GH/s $ 0.125

Elite Package

Duration: 3 years
Hashrate: 10000 GH/S
Price: N/A
Maint. Fee: N/A
* Price per 1 GH/s $ 0.12


Dato Kutchava
Chief Technology Officer

Davit Kutchava is the Chief Technology Officer at Bitforx. With up to five years of experience in blockchain technology, Dato was one of the first to specialize in this industry. Prior to joining BitForx, he managed the datacenter of global billion dollar blockchain company BitFury. A role he also held at data mining and exchange company 4XCORP. With a vast experience as ISP Network Architect next to his cryptocurrency and blockchain expertise, Dato is the technical heart of BitForx.

Giorgi Revishvili

Giorgi is a lawyer at Bitforx team. Giorgi has an experience in advising clients on corporate matters, real estate issues, tax planning, labor law matters, as well as representing clients before respective courts and administrative bodies. With up to 3 years of experience working in a legal department of a major Georgian corporate group, Giorgi is developing his skills in Crypto and Blockchain industry.

Lasha Abulashvili
Senior Web Developer

Lasha Abulashvili serves as BitForx’ senior web developer. With over five years of experience in programming for various companies, he designs and develops BitForx’ platform, ensuring a flawless backend solution, while designing an impeccable UX/UI. Lasha hails from Tbilisi, Georgia, he is thirsty for acquiring knowledge both in Web Development and in Blockchain technologies.

Nika Tsotniashvili
Head of Marketing & PR

Nika Tsotniashvili is BitForx’ Head of Marketing and PR. Nika worked previously as a content creator and marketing strategist at major digital media companies, such as the award-winning Redberry. Nika is extremely well versed in social media, SEO, project management, and sales through his experience at several different startups and NGOs. However, his affinity for cryptocurrencies and blockchain related technologies convinced him to switch his efforts to BitForx. Nika serves as marketing strategy advisor for various other companies utilizing blockchain.

Inge Snip
Marketing Strategy Advisor

Inge Snip has spent over a decade on the nexus of (tech) journalism, civil society, and entrepreneurship. She has advised large donor organizations such as UNDP on innovative grant-giving methodologies, catalyzed small grassroots initiatives into nationwide campaigns, and designed and implemented global marketing strategies and engagement methodologies for tech startups, including uBegin and Treepex. Besides her work as communications advisor, she works as contributing tech journalist for, among others, Forbes and National Geographic.

Marita Pilauri
Community Manager

Marita Pilauri is a Community Manager in Bitforx family. She has 3 years of experience in Strategic Marketing, Content Management, SEO writing and SMM. She has worked as a head of Customer Support department and has been a freelance writer/SMM since her student years. Marita has also been a Community manager for few other Communities and now her mind is attracted to Blockchain technologies. She trains newbie Freelancers and helps build up a great Community soon to be known as Freelance Travel Network. Marita is always happy to assist our Audience with smile and care.

Giorgi Gzirishvili
Junior Web Developer

Giorgi Gzirishvili is a junior web developer at Bitforx team. During his childhood and teens, he was interested in programming and electronic engineering. What was back then a hobby has later become his profession, developing specialized software and hardware. At some point, he was also into physics, and periodically, into chemistry as well. As for today, Giorgi is primarily interested in web development. He's also an advocate of open-source software and hardware, as well as decentralized services and hackable products. In short, he's a tech and science enthusiast, sci-fi fan, and a bigtime nerd.

Giorgi Goqadze
Data Center Operations Manager

Giorgi is the data center operations manager at Bitforx. He has a asquared unique field experience in the crypto mining industry during the building and operating large scale (40 MW) mining data center for Bitforx. Because of his vast knowledge in network engineering Bitforx mining facilities are running flawlessly and smoothly without any downtime.